The 7th Konami Arcade Championship Finals at JAEPO 2018 Complete Schedule!

We’re one day away from The 7th Konami Arcade Championship Finals at JAEPO 2018 and we compiled a complete schedule on what you’ll need to know in order to keep up with the event in Eastern Standard Time! Each game stream below will have different commentary from DOLCE., Mori Iccho, MAD CHILD, NU-KO, Yuki Nakashima, [email protected], red glasses, GAHOU, TATSU, [email protected] & more. Let’s get it.

2/10 [Friday]
GITADORA Matixx – 8:15pm @ Blue Stage
Nostalgia FORTE – 10:30pm @ Red Stage
jubeat clan – 12:00am @ Blue Stage
DanceDanceRevolution A – 12:45am @ Red Stage

2/11 [Saturday]
pop’n music Usagi to Neko to Shōnen no Yume – 8:30pm @ Red Stage
beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS – 12:15am @ Blue Stage

The 7th KAC livestreams are all on channels, so below are links from the official Konami YouTube channels on where you can stream the games from your respective time zone. Sound off in the comments below on who you’re rooting for in the finals!

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