The fin. Find a Balance Between Woozy and Locked-In on Latest Single “Gravity”

The fin.

Sometimes you just really need to stick with an idea for it to really come into bloom. Kobe-born band The fin. came together in 2010, and have spent the past decade creating indie-rock songs cased in seasick synthesizer melodies. They’ve been a band caught in the tides of genre changes — they were initially seen as “chillwave,” but as that pleasant memory started to fade they became more associated with general rock communities in the country. They’ve also seen a lot of shifts within the group, as they’ve gone from a quartet to a duo consisting of Yuto Uchino and Kaoru Nakazawa.

The fin. have managed a pretty solid string of good songs, and have achieved a career where they can spend two weeks touring around China. Yet their latest single “Gravity”, released ahead of a new EP out in September, marks a high point for the pair. Listen to it below.

Previous songs from the group sometimes buried the vocals a little too deep among all the synthesizer touches. Even if they hit on a great melody or idea, it sometimes came off a little too shy, a bit afraid of stepping into the spotlight. “Gravity” finds the right balance between obscured and outright, with the vocals coming across clearly but never overpowering the music helping squeeze all the emotional turmoil out. On the same wave, the beat keeps pace with the synthesizer notes that give this one a bit of a zonked-out quality, keeping everything focused even when it feels close to spacing out. The overall effect is of a fully formed song that nails the feeling of zoning out without actually doing that. It’s an impressive offering from The fin., and hints that their forthcoming EP could be a big step forward. Took a little time, but it might be well worth it.

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