The God of High School Episode 8 Review: Friends, Old and New

The God of High School Episode 8

Previous reviews of The God of High School have tended to start off with me explaining what I was most looking forward to seeing that particular week. The God of High School episode 8 gets no such treatment. I genuinely had no expectations going into this week’s episode, which is perhaps why I came away so pleasantly surprised: although my patience has worn thin in previous weeks, there were enough interesting things in here to keep me entertained.

The main theme of The God of High School episode 8 is friends. That much is made clear when Jin remembers his grandfather saying to him “There’s nothing better to have than friends,” but the amount of time spent this week exploring characters both old and new is particularly large.

One new friend that is introduced to the fold is Park Ilpyo. At first, he appears to be a throwaway character, but his connection to Jin is made clear when the protagonist spies the lion emblem on his jacket. Jin’s grandfather apparently also wore that emblem on his jacket, which is explained once Park and Jin have a chat in the, well, park.

The God of High School Episode 8
No, it’s not what it looks like

Park is very clearly cast as a sort of foil to Jin, enjoying a very similar upbringing and appreciating Taejin almost as much as he does. Their friendship feels very genuine because of this, and I look forward to seeing how the two develop in the future.

The God of High School episode 8 also finds some time to focus on our old friends in the form of Mira and Daewi. This occurs towards the end of the episode, when the two get a notification on their power bracelets telling them that it is Jin’s birthday. They promptly dash over to Jin’s apartment to throw him a party, which ends the episode on a nice note.

Part of the reason why The God of High School episode 8’s party scene works much better than, say, episode 4, is because it has a solid seven weeks of character building and shared experiences to draw from. This is remarkably different from Mira’s wedding, which came far too early in the story and failed to appear genuine because of this. As always, it is a question of timing.


Another important “friend” introduced in The God of High School episode 8 is Jebel. While he is certainly not friendly towards our protagonists, he is an important part of the story and will clearly be serving the role of antagonist from here on out. (As Dragon Ball teaches us, today’s enemies can also become tomorrow’s friends.) It therefore gives me great pleasure to say that Kenjiro Tsuda is lending him a considerable air of gravitas thanks to his performance, and I look forward to seeing how the trio face up against his shark-based charyeok in the future.

Speaking of charyeok, The God of High School episode 8 makes several steps forward in terms of setting our protagonist on the path of obtaining their own godlike abilities sometime in the future. While progress is still slow, at least Daewi is now training under Commissioner Q (who is surprisingly hilarious) and Jin and Mira are seriously considering how to better themselves.

The God of High School episode 8 is far from a perfect episode. There are still some unfortunate adaptational misses – such as when we learn that Sim Bongsa’s family is dead and then alive in back-to-back scenes – but it was an entertaining one at the very least. Along with some quality animation, it feels as if the series’ second arc may have some potential yet.

You can watch The God of High School episode 8 via Crunchyroll.

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