The King of Fighters XV Gets Platform Announcement

The King of Fighters XV

The King of Fighters XV, SNK‘s newest entry to The King of Fighters fighting games franchise, may have been delayed until the first quarter of 2022, but today we got to learn the platforms it will be released for.

KOFXV Platforms

The title will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. To be honest, these are the platforms that I personally thought would be getting the title, but it’s good to know for sure that all generations of consoles will be able to enjoy the game.

The King of Fighters XV

We still don’t have a solid release date aside from the first quarter of 2022, but I think we will get an actual release date as we get closer to fall. With the situation of COVID-19 still very present in Japan, there is always the possibility that the release date will change yet again and that is something that is completely understandable; safety first, folks.

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