The Latest Drop From Apparel Brand KOKUMIN-FUKU Has Finally Been Detailed

The Latest Drop From Apparel Brand KOKUMIN-FUKU Has Finally Been Detailed

It was around this time last month that I found myself writing about an exciting new brand from the powerhouse team at NC EMPIRE, as well as my favorite back-alley boutique store PARK Harajuku, called KOKUMIN-FUKU. They came in hot with a killer initial lineup that I couldn’t help but reserve, and now they’re back with several new pieces that further help define the brands already appealing visual image.

While the initial run of KOKUMIN-FUKU clothing saw a heavy focus on monochrome colors, with this drop we’re starting to see the brand splash their creative color palette left and right. This is for many reasons a very good thing, and their choices of colorings are simply unrivaled across their new sweatshirts, pull-over hoodies, and caps. What I’m particularly eyeing off here is the PARK Absolute Defense Sweatshirt featuring all three of the store’s mascot characters.

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It’s on the aforementioned PARK Absolute Defense Sweatshirt that we actually see NC EMPIRE really showcasing what they do best. With that hyper-sleek cyber look, paired with those incredible purple-blue colors, I can picture this piece quickly becoming a staple of my own closet, especially with how cold it has been in Tokyo as of late.

While a release date has yet to be announced for any of the items, PARK Harajuku has opened pre-orders on their webstore from today through until February 18, 2019. Both the PARK Absolute Defense Sweatshirt and the Moe Glasses Girl pullover hoodies are set to be priced at 6,800 yen before tax, while the Shinryaku-kun cap is priced at 4,200 yen before tax.

With this being the second drop from KOKUMIN-FUKU in their two months of operations, it’ll be exciting to see how they continue to innovate and build their visual identity through 2019. Given the two forces behind the brand, I’m beyond certain that they’re cooking up something big, and I’m sure we’ll all be seeing them proceed in due time. Those interested in checking out further information on the new drop, be sure to check out PARK Harjauku’s official website.

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