the pillows Release Latest Music Video for ‘Ningen Domo’

With Japanese rock band ‘the pillows’ set to release their 22nd album, “REBROADCAST”, in just a little over a week on September 19, the three-piece managed to squeeze out a music video for the album’s third track, “Ningen Domo”. Featuring a mix of both 2D animation and real-life visuals from the band, the release comes fresh off the heels of a widely successful North American tour alongside Toonami’s release of both FLCL Alternative and FLCL Progressive. 

With next year set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘the pillows’, it should come as no surprise that the group already maintains a well-developed signature sound and style. It’s because of this that “Ningen Domo” sounds much like a, well, ‘the pillows’ song — though that’s definitely not an issue. With their recent work on both new installments of FLCL, there’s perhaps no better time for new and returning listeners to get into ‘the pillows’, making “REBROADCAST” such an important release for them.

Set to release across Japan on September 19, 2018, the full tracklist for “REBROADCAST” can be found below:

01. Rebroadcast
02. Binary Star
03. ニンゲンドモ
04. ぼくのともだち
05. 箱庭のアクト
06. 眩しい闇のメロディー
07. Bye Bye Me
08. Starry fandango
10. Before going to bed

Those interested in checking out even more information on just what’s going on with the band, be sure to head over to ‘the pillows’ official website.

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