The Princess Guide’ Receives New Character Trailer Showcasing Four Main Characters

The Princess Guide

In the latest The Princess Guide trailer, you get a closer look into each of the four talented, yet inexperienced knight princesses that you’ll need to pick and guide through the war on the battlefield. Uploaded to NIS America’s official YouTube channel, the latest trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 title can be viewed below:

The Princess Guide

is a fast-paced Strategic Action RPG, and as an experienced knight, you will choose a princess to become your apprentice. Teach her the art of war and defeat the enemies that try to take over the land. With your choices directly impacting the way your princess fights, her growth depends entirely on you, also.  During conversations and battles, “Praise” or “Scold” your princess to enhance their abilities on the battlefield! Play as either Head Knight of Alixon, Liliartie, Guild Master of the Rusty Magic Guild, Veronica, Fallen Noble of the Yudaria Family, Monomaria, or Sage of the Great Kamara Faith, Alpana.

Each beautifully styled princess has a unique story to tell, and my favorite piece here is that the training strategy will determine how her tale unfolds. The Princess Guide launches early 2019 from NIS America for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4!

NIS America
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