The Promised Neverland: What You Need to Know Before Season 2

The Promised Neverland: What You Need to Know Before Season 2

January 2021 is a little less than a year away, but here’s a rundown of the anime’s first season, and what we can expect in season two based on the manga. 

There will be spoilers for the anime in this article. 


In 2045, a group of orphans are raised at Grace Field House by a caretaker. 

The children study hard, eat well, and live happy lives. While the children are happy and consider each other family; they still look forward to the day they are adopted. One by one, the children are adopted and never seen again. 

One night, two of the children, Emma and Norman chase after one of the adopted children and find out the sinister reality about adoption: they’re not being adopted; they’re being eaten by demons. This shocking truth leads them to concoct a plan to escape Grace Field and the demons that want to eat them. 


There are many characters in this series, but the main focus of the series falls under these three characters. 


Emma is considered the main protagonist of the series. 

She’s extroverted, caring, and more athletically inclined than the other two characters. She is also quite motherly towards the younger children due to the fact that she helps watch over the children in Grace Field. 

She can also be a bit of a goofball, but can also be serious when she has to be.   


Norman is a secondary main character. 

He’s rather introverted, calculative, and a math prodigy. He has a very weak immune system, so he’s always getting sick. That doesn’t stop him from planning out his victories. What he lacks in physical capabilities, he makes up for it in strategy. 

However, he can be very hard-headed and determined to see his plans through, even if it costs him dearly. 


Ray is another secondary main character. 

He’s a lot like Norman in terms of being introverted and calculative. However, Ray is more sociable than Norman, is witty, and a tad cynical. Ray has no problems with speaking his mind and letting the people around him have it when they put themselves in danger. 

He is always looking out for the people around him and only thinks about what’s best for them. 

What Happens in Season 1? 

In the first season, we are introduced to Grace Field House, the 38 children and their caretaker, Isabella. 

The children live happily in the orphanage. They eat well, play a lot, and have great relationships with each other. However, the children still have hopes of being adopted into a loving home. 

One night, a child, Conny is adopted. She leaves behind her bunny, and Emma takes it upon herself to deliver it to Conny even though she is not allowed to leave the house. Norman follows her.

When the duo arrives at the gates of Grace Field, they notice a cart. They look inside and what do they find? Conny’s fresh corpse. 

Emma and Norman then see demons come out and talk about the quality of Conny’s corpse. The duo quickly realizes that adoption is a euphemism for death. They make it back to Grace Field and begin to plan their escape into the unknown. 

Ray figures out the duo’s hiding something from him. He manages to get them to tell him the truth and helps them plan their escape. 

Planning an Escape 

Escaping Grace Field proves to be a bit more difficult than the trio expects. Isabella is under the suspicion that a group of the children know the truth and brings in Sister Krone to help her keep the children from escaping. 

The children then find out that in addition to the numbers tattooed on their necks, they also all have trackers in their ears. The children begin to use playtime as a means to unknowingly prepare the children for the escape in the future. However, Sister Krone joins in and manages to catch everyone except Norman and Ray.

This raises suspicions amongst the trio. Given the fact that they all have trackers, Sister Krone should have found all the children with no problem. Therefore, the trio concludes that there is a traitor. 

Norman lays a trap out to catch the traitor. This includes telling two other children, Don and Gilda, about the demons and using them as informants to catch the traitor. 

 It is revealed to be Ray who reveals he only did it because he knew about the truth long before Emma and Norman. He wanted to live as long as he could, so he cut a deal with Isabella and became an informant in order to survive. 

Norman convinces Ray to switch sides and help with their plans to escape. 

Moving Forward 

Emma finds a book that talks about bunkers on the outside for humans escaping the farms and tells Norman and Ray about it. Don and Gilda begin to sneak around the house and find the toys that belonged to the adopted children. The two quickly realize that their friends were killed. 

Don and Gilda join the trio in their plan to escape the house. However, Sister Krone has her own agenda. She wants to become the main caretaker and proposes an alliance with the group. 

Isabella finds out about Krone’s double-cross and quickly disposes of her. She then tells Ray their agreement is off the table. She then proceeds to break Emma’s leg and ships Norman out for adoption. 


Two months after Norman was adopted, Ray and Emma remain in completely devastated states. Their plan failed. Now Ray’s going to be shipped out for adoption. 

However, Emma and Ray haven’t given up on escaping. Before Ray is scheduled to leave, Emma reveals that she had Don and Gilda prepare for their escape because Isabella was too focused on her and Ray. Emma also reveals that she changed the plan to only have the 15 older children escape because they are at a higher risk of being adopted than the younger children.  

They proceed to take out their trackers, set Grace Field on fire, and make Isabella think, the demons’ next meal, Ray died in the fire. Meanwhile, the older children make their escape, leaving the young ones behind. 

They vow to return to them in 3 years.  

What Can We Expect For Season 2? 

Since season 1 ends with the children escaping Grace Field, it is safe to assume that the next season is going to start with the aftermath of their actions. They are also in uncharted territory, so this next season will be full of surprises for the characters and viewers alike. 

What we do know is that the manga depicts the children facing off against some interesting characters, learning about the outside world, and the history of the world they live in. 

Season 2 is confirmed to have 24 episodes, but besides that, there is little information as to what the studio will adapt to the screen. 

Where Can I Watch? 

It’s really easy to watch Promised Neverland. It is 12 episodes, and it is on Hulu, Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation, and Netflix for Thailand. You can also watch it on Toonami if you have cable. 

The Promised Neverland
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