The Promised Neverland Launches ‘Everyone’s Neverland’ to Keep the Spark Alive

The Promised Neverland

Shueisha has launched an official The Promised Neverland fan community to mark the release of the final volume, titled ‘Minna no Neverland (Everyone’s Neverland).’ The site, which is open now, invites fans of the original manga and TV anime alike to talk, share, and discuss everything related to Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s fantasy series, in the hopes of keeping the spark alive.

Announced this morning via the official Promised Neverland Twitter account, Everyone’s Neverland currently consists of seven channels. The first is a general introduction channel, setting out the overall plan for the project. The second is a general channel for The Promised Neverland discussion, where posting anything related to the series is okay. Then there is a ‘suggestions’ channel, where one person has already suggested the introduction of a spoiler filter. Good going.

Everyone's Neverland splash page

Next up is a channel for sharing fanart, and then one for the ongoing Promised Neverland radio programme. Finally, there is a general off-topic channel where lots of English-speaking fans have seemingly gathered, as well as a channel dedicated solely to discussing the TV anime.

In general, then, Everyone’s Neverland is just a glorified Discord server. Nevertheless, this fits in very well with the ethos of The Promised Neverland, as it has always been a series about trusting in your friends and making new comrades.

It is also interesting to see how much Shueisha has ramped up projects related to the series in recent weeks, four months after its conclusion. Not a day before, The Promised Neverland took out a massive ad in Shibuya’s Hachiko square, along with launching a special retrospective website. Obviously, there is the need to promote the final volume, but one can’t help but also think that the company is desperate to keep the spark alive given the series’ massive success.

Everybody’s Neverland is open for registration now. There don’t appear to be any rules about speaking in English or languages other than Japanese, but please do be conscientious and bear in mind that many of the server participants may not be able to understand you!

You can read The Promised Neverland for free via VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump.

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