The Promised Neverland Exhibition Is A Celebration For Its Finale

We are sure getting a lot of exhibition announcements when Japan’s till in the middle of its second Corona wave but with those numbers relatively low compared to America and Europe the show must go on. Just earlier this week we received news of an Inuyasha exhibition hitting Ikebukuro this November and last week one set around Tokyo Ghoul’s Sui Ishida was unveiled to the public. If neither cannibalizing ghouls nor dog demons in feudal Japan are your bag, perhaps this upcoming The Promised Neverland Exhibition that’s coming to Roppongi this December is. Being held in celebration of the manga’s finale, it’s a chance to say goodbye properly.

Promised Neverland Exhibition Art

Series artist Posuka Demizu penned the above illustration just for the upcoming special event which is coming to Tokyo City View in Roppongi this December. It’s actual title roughly translates to ‘Promise Neverland Exhibition Commemorating Serialization’ which indicates that it is a part of the manga’s ending festivities. Despite Roppongi’s reputation for high fashion and lush leveling, they’re known to host the occasional manga exhibition though they usually skew a little more historical and educational.

Opinions were divided on the manga’s ending, with some expressing disappointing in a perceived decline in quality for the manga. Though the comic’s over, perhaps the anime’s second season will tweak it enough to get it right. If not that, maybe the upcoming live-action adaptation will cut out the fat. Either way, with this The Promised Neverland Exhibition, the second part of the anime, and the upcoming film and tv series canon, there’s still so much more to come from Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s series. Even if you didn’t like the end, you have to hand it to the manga for being one of Shonen Jump’s biggest in the last five years, especially since it in no way follows the magazine’s signature formula.

The Promised Neverland exhibition for its conclusion opens December 11 in Roppongi Hills.

Shueisha / Kaiu Shirai / Posuka Demizu
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