The Promised Neverland’s Manga is Coming to a Close

The Promised Neverland Set To Wrap Upa

Writer Kaiu Shirai and artists Posuka Demizu have created one of the more unique tales to run in the hallowed pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. The Promised Neverland has by all means been a success, as evidenced by the quick announcement for a season two of the anime before the first ended. Abandoning the ‘Shonen Jump’ formula entirely and, despite taking place in a fantasy world with demons, opting for a very realistic style of battle that relies on tactics and wit over superpowers. Fans will probably be sad to hear though the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump announced that the series had entered the climax of its final arc. There’s no set date for it ending and it could go on for a number of more volumes, but the clock is officially ticking.

If you haven’t watched or read The Promised Neverland, you’re missing out. The story follows a group of kids who live together happily at an orphanage only to find out they’re actually being raised as livestock for truly hideous demonic creatures. Without giving away too many spoilers, when a group of children finally make it out of the orphanage things only become even harder for them. A rarity for a Jump series, The Promised Neverland even stars a female lead in the form of the quick to act but resoundingly intelligent Emma.

A solid atypical lead, the bucking of the regular Shonen Jump formula, and some incredibly unique monster designs have all contributed to The Promised Neverland gaining serious steam. While an author ending their title in the heat of its popularity may sound strange, I can’t blame them for wanting to end this story while it’s still at its best. We’ve all seen what happens when a Jump series gets drawn out, and like a Death Note, The Promised Neverland seeks the high road out.

Don’t worry though, I’m sure it’ll at the very least be months before The Promised Neverland finally wraps-up.

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