Sometimes, you practically need a graph to keep track of all the groups in EXILE TRIBE. THE RAMPAGE From EXILE TRIBE is one of the newer units to emerge from the world of one of J-pop’s most enduring institutions, and the general idea running through the project is that they take more cues from hip-hop (or, more accurately, contemporary rap and pop) than older projects in the family. They’ve been kicking around for a couple of years and doing well.

Now they offer up a summer tune for those looking to bring in some positive vibes in the coming months. Watch the party-starting clip for “WELCOME 2 PARADISE” below.

Early numbers from THE RAMPAGE positioned them as an aggressive bunch delivering hype-up lines over rattling trap-influenced beats. “WELCOME 2 PARADISE” presents the group as a more good times kind of group. They find space for a few drawn out “skrrrts” and “hey hey” shout-alongs, but the bulk of this single leans closer to sunny pop. Over a kind of house DJ Mustard-style production, they bob and weave along while delivering lyrics about having a good time and making the most of the night. Pretty standard summer fare, but they do it well here. Anyone looking for a little extra pick-me-up on their seasonal playlist.

The big takeaway from this is how versatile THE RAMPAGE can be. After trying (at times a little too hard) to replicate the sound of American hip-hop within the confines of a J-pop group, they’ve lightened up a bit and aimed for breezier vibes.


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