The Rose of Versailles Joins Classic Manga-Themed Curry Line

The Rose of Versailles Curry

Suppose you’re a fan of both classic Showa-era manga and curry, but you were looking for a way to combine both of these interests. Well, Jewelry Kamine has you covered. On Tuesday, they announced pre-sales of two new flavors of The Rose of Versailles curry at their online store.

The Rose of Versailles Curry Line

It joins their previous manga-themed curries: Osamu Tezuka’s masterpieces Black Jack, Princess Knight, and Astro Boy; and an earlier version of Riyoko Ikeda’s The Rose of Versailles.

The Rose of Versailles

The Rose of Versailles curry comes in two different varieties: butter chicken and beef. Both curries are ‘retort’ or prepared-in-pouch.

They describe the butter chicken variety as a ‘supreme’ curry which combines stir-fried onions, butter, and tomatoes. The beef variety is an ‘authentic’ curry, which they say will make you feel like you’re at a kyutei (court cuisine) restaurant. The curries were apparently supervised by Riyoko Ikeda Productions. The boxes are illustrated in the style of the manga, featuring Oscar and Marie Antoinette.

The first batch of The Rose of Versailles curry is ‘French taste,’ featuring French red wine, champignons, and carrots.

Black Jack Curry

The Black Jack curry is a very dark-looking pork curry, with a spicy ‘adult’ flavor. It gets its darkness from squid ink. The Astro Boy curry is beef and the Princess Knight curry is Keema-style (Indian-style minced meat), with chicken, tomato, and fruit.

Astro Boy Curry

Besides the curry, their website also sells a variety of other classic manga merchandise.

Classic Manga Curry

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