Mysterious The World Ends With You Countdown Pops Up

The World Ends With You Anime Countdown

It’s happening again! Every so often, seemingly when the gods deem it time, The World Ends With You gets invoked and a cycle of ‘oh crud, are we finally getting a sequel’ plays out to a disappointing end. This happened most recently just over the summer, although less disappointingly, when an out-of-nowhere anime adaptation manifested itself into reality.

Now it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that Square’s just promoting said anime in an albeit cryptic way; They’ve thrown up a website called Time Limit Within Seven Days with a counter counting down to zero.


The World Ends With You Anime Countdown

Along with the launch of The World Ends With You countdown website, Square Enix’s 1st Production Department Twitter account changed their icon and header image to an TWEWY theme. That doesn’t immediately mean Twewy 2’s getting announced in five days but, you know, what if it does? Unlike this particular account, the dedicated TWEWY anime twitter has been regularly updating with information and promotional material. Why run this entirely separate operation just to end up at the same place?

My heart truly wants this to be a The World Ends With You sequel reveal, but knowing in the last 12 years reality hasn’t worked out that way, my hopes aren’t exactly up. This being related to the anime makes the most sense regarding the timing, but we already know the show’s coming and what it looks like! A big countdown on a dedicated website just for a new trailer or a specific release date seems excessive enough that I’m allowing myself to feel some doubt. Of course, there is another likely outcome: we could just end up back at port city for the third time.

Regardless of what this countdown ends up unveiling, we’ll be getting that The World Ends With You anime next year.

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