The Croc Who Lived for 100 Days Anime Film Posts Promo Videos Amidst Delay Announcement

The Croc Will Die movie poster

TOEI Animation has posted promo videos for The Croc Who Lived for 100 Days, the anime movie adaptation of the webcomic This Croc Will Die in 100 Days. The newest video appears similar to recent uploads, which have been marked private on YouTube.

The adaptation will not only deal with the first 100 days leading to Croc’s death but also with the 100 days after, and I have to say that the promos look really good. It seems like the animators have translated the simple and sketchy look and feel of the webcomic (which is not at all like a more traditional manga). And they also suggest that the movie will stay true to the original’s tragic and existential, yet weirdly slice-of-life, format.

As I wrote earlier, adapting something from yonkoma (four-panel) to anime can be tricky. But these teasers do look promising.

Older trailers were re-posted on Monday without any mention of a starting date. The video were initially taken down because of the film’s ironically appropriate postponement. A killer disease which nobody knew about when the series first began has delayed the film for an indeterminate amount of time (of course, death was anticipated in the comic.)

Incidentally, the movie’s Twitter account had a tendency to let us know how many days remained until the film’s arrival. This clever idea echoed the webcomic’s countdown, but in hindsight, it only tempted fate. Originally, The Croc Who Lived for 100 Days would have been released on 28 May.

The Croc Who Lived For 100 Days Production Committee
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