BiSH’s Latest Unusual Sales Tactic Involves Selling 13 Singles For Ayuni D’s Solo Project, Thumb Sucker

BiSH’s Latest Unusual Sales Tactic Involves Selling 13 Singles For Ayuni D’s Solo Album, Thumb Sucker

I can just imagine how the pitch for the unusual sales method for BiSH’s Ayuni D’s solo album CD, “Thumb Sucker”, sold under the stage name PEDRO happened…

Ayuni D: ‘Hey, so I want to do something unique for when my album for my solo project, Thumb Sucker, goes on sale…’
WACK Management: ‘What’s that?’
Ayuni D: ‘Well, remember how we gave away free CDs when we placed an advert in Shibuya station for our digital EPs?’
WACK Management: ‘Yea?’
Ayuni D: ‘And remember how we sold CARROTS and STiCKs early for 300yen, except our vocals were replaced? I want to do something like that!’
WACK Management: ‘Ok, what did you have in mind?’
Ayuni D: ‘Well, you know how I have a tour of solo concerts lined up for various venues to promote the new album in a variety of venues around Japan?’
WACK Management: ‘Yea, but they’re all before the album releases. Are you planning to sell the album early at these venues?’
Ayuni D: ‘Yes and no…’
WACK Management: ‘…What does that mean?’
Ayuni D: ‘So, what I had in mind is that we sell the album early in stores within the area where I’m going to be touring. We would limit sales to select stores and not announce anything until the night before, and then the fans would rush to the stores to pick it up! Just like the new BiSH album!’
WACK Management: ‘But apart from selling it quite a few weeks early, since you weren’t originally going to put it out until the end of August, there’s nothing unique about this. What’s the catch?’
Ayuni D: ‘Well, there’s actually two catches.’
WACK Management: ‘Ok, I’m listening.’
Ayuni D: ‘First of all, the overall price of the album will be lower than the full release price.’
WACK Management: ‘That’s fine, we’ve done that before, after all. What’s the other twist?’
Ayuni D: ‘Well, that’s the fun part. For that, I want to split the album up into 13 different singles, and have these stores we choose to sell the album in sell it not as a complete album for 1300yen, but as 13 individual singles at 100yen each.’
WACK Management: ‘I love it! Let’s do that!’
Third person: ‘That seems like it’ll need a lot of CDs though, and a lot of waste, what about clim-‘
Ayuni D: ‘Yay!’

Ok, so it probably didn’t go exactly as I described it, I’ll admit. However, the results of this conversation are genuine.

For one day only, Ayuni D, or should I say PEDRO, will sell her solo album, “Thumb Sucker”, in the form of 13 individual CDs for 100yen each (including tax as well) in select Tower Records stores within the area she will be touring as a solo act. These include the Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara Tower Records stores within Tokyo itself and 8 other stores.

BiSH, and by extension WACK, the agency who manages the group, have never been ones to shy away from giving away or selling their music in unusual ways, and, as it turns out, even when they perform solo it’s something they’re willing to try out. And considering the success they’ve had with this promotional tactic, who can blame them! Even though the sales generate less revenue for them by often being sold at a lower price point (this album is collectively sold for 1300yen including tax instead of the 3800yen before tax of the full release), it creates news and a buzz around their music through word of mouth. The early sales for “CARROTS and STiCKS” that defied expectation by not having the members themselves sing also was able to top the Oricon Daily Rankings for the day of its release with almost 9000 units sold, showing the success of such a promotional strategy if conducted correctly.

The plan works, though! After all, I’m writing this news article as the proud owner of 13 individual singles I’ve got the fun of ripping to their Mac later on today.

Here’s hoping Ayuni D’s “Thumb Sucker” is as interesting as its unusual sales tactic. Although considering the quality of her voice and the output of BiSH itself, I’m not worried at all. If you want to learn more about PEDRO, you can find such info on the official website.

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