THUNDERBOX CASE DECADE Collection Kicks Off the Brand’s 10th Anniversary

THUNDERBOX Shop Mikoshi Hanten // DMDM Hat [BLACK]

THUNDERBOX is a brand that I’ve been championing to anyone who will listen since I first stumbled upon their flagship stop, NAZO NO MISE, in Nakano a few years ago. Every new collection they drop is filled with creativity and unique concepts that set them squarely apart from any other brand on the market. It’s easy to label them as a streetwear brand, but in a lot of ways, they transcend that label by just making whatever they want. A lot of their designs draw inspiration from different elements of pop culture that president Tsuyoshi Morita has a particular attachment to, and I think that’s what makes it so brilliant. The best creations usually come from a place of love. And that love is apparent in THUNDERBOX’s 10th-anniversary collection “THUNDERBOX CASE DECADE”.

This new collection, which will be trickling out over the next couple of months, features a number of high-concept cut & sew designs complimented by several graphic tees with the staple THUNDERBOX style. Standout pieces in this collection include the CARD ANARCHY button-down shirt, which features a transparent pocket cut to the size of a CARDASS trading card with patchwork elements set against a striped or solid olive base, and the 7 INCH POCKET shirt which is just as described and has a pocket sewn in that can hold a 7″ vinyl record.

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Several pieces from the collection have already dropped as of March, and are available for purchase both at NAZO NO MISE in Nakano, Tokyo or on their online shop. You can preview them in the gallery below. I’m a huge fan of the THUNDERBOXXX SCREAMING shirts, a collaboration with Japanese artist YOZI SHIMODA. The piece in this collection follows a pop-up capsule at NAZO NO MISE featuring a couple of other shirt & sticker designs along with some original art from the artist.

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I had a chance to check out the exhibition for this collection during its limited run in February and put pre-orders in for several items myself, I’m counting the days for them to drop. The unreleased items should all be available over the course of the next couple of months leading up to the summer season barring any issues from the recent global pandemic. If you’re interested in picking any of these items up for yourself and can’t make it to Tokyo, THUNDERBOX ships internationally from their online shop, and they have items from previous collections in stock still as well so it’s definitely worth giving a look. I can’t wait to see what the brand cooks up next, to see more of what they’re up to you can follow THUNDERBOX on Twitter and Instagram.

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