THUNDERBOX Shares Latest “THUNDERBOX RECORDS” Shirts, Gacha Accessories

THUNDERBOX Shares Latest

Nakano-based apparel brand and boutique store NAZO NO MISE remains an absolute essential in must-visit locations in the area. With a constantly growing line of killer collaborations and originals under the THUNDERBOX name, we’ve never had a shortage of coverage for them. This past week saw some more from the brand though, with the launch of their “THUNDERBOX RECORDS” shirts and some sweet gacha accessories. Made available both in-store and online, the items can be previewed below:

Starting off with the “THUNDERBOX RECORDS” shirts; as much as I wish the store would start their own label, unfortunately, “THUNDERBOX RECORDS” is a fictional entity — kinda. The two shirts released as part of this, both THUNDERBOX RECORDS and SALT 5% CONTENT, represent the fictional label’s logo and first release respectively, again in a fictional manner. With that being said, purchasing the SALT 5% CONTENT shirt does include a download code for an actual release by chiptune artist Kunio, so that’s something to be said.

Following on from that, THUNDERBOX’ latest GACHA CAPSULE HOLDER is a must-have for any adventure through Nakano Broadway. The single-purpose leather holster allows the most hardcore of gacha collecters to carry their prized possessions through the labyrinth of a mall all in the comfort of their own gacha.

Available now both online and in-store at NAZO NO MISE, those interested in checking out more on THUNDERBOX’ latest can head over to the apparel brand’s official website.

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