Experimental THUNDERBOX vs HANDSUM Pop-Up is Coming to Nakano

THUNDERBOX vs HANDSUM Pop Up Hits Nakano Soon

When it comes to dream collaborations, this week has been packed full of them. Two of our all-time favorites, the retro-inspired THUNDERBOX and our close friend HANDSUM, officially announced that they’re coming together for a pop-up event at Nazo no Mise in Nakano, Tokyo, later this month. Taking place for a limited-time from August 23 through September 3, the two creatives will be teaming up to sell what we can only imagine will be unparalleled goods. We’ve gone ahead and attached the preview image shared over on HANDSUM’s Instagram down below, and I’ve got to say, my curiosity is peaked; will this design be featured on clothing, toys, or will it even be used at all? Well, I guess we’re just going to have to wait and find out.

Full disclosure on HANDSUM, the majority of OTAQUEST’s designs were made by him. If you look through Takuro Okuyama’s design catalog, which is his real name, by the way, you couldn’t blame us for wanting to get him on board. His sleek and versatile style always pops; whether he’s designing an album cover for TORIENA or doing pixel work for SPACE SHOWER TV. We’re thrilled to get something physical with his designs in our hands outside of our business cards.

As we mentioned, THUNDERBOX, and it’s flagship store Nazo no Mise, is another favorite. It’s one of Nakano’s best-kept secrets; since the store isn’t located inside the famous Nakano Broadway mall, not so many people know to look for it. However, if you’re visiting Nakano in the near future, we absolutely recommend seeking it out. The second you enter the store you’re transported to another dimension where toys, fashion, and retro aesthetics all come together making something wonderful. From their curated and self-designed fashion good to other odds and ends that the store decides to sell, they always have something worth seeing.

The THUNDERBOX vs HANDSUM Pop Up Shop hits the Nazo no Mise store in Nakano on August 23.

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