tofubeats Shares Summer Anthem “Keep on Lovin’ You”

Tofubeats Shares Latest

We’re really beginning to sink our teeth into the grit of the pre-summer seasonal anthem releases, and unsurprisingly, tofubeats might have just produced the hit. Shared via his official YouTube channel tonight, the latest Keep on Lovin’ You” began streaming an all-new music video. To get this out of the way, “Keep on Lovin’ You” is a collaborative effort between both tofubeats and Suntory; or at least, exists as a tie-in to a Suntory product. You’ll be seeing why I had to get that out of the way, but it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Tie-in single or not, tofubeats has knocked it out of the park with “Keep on Lovin’ You”. Check out the music video below:

How many times can you effectively advertise a brand in the course of a four-minute-twenty-second song? That was the question it seems was set out to be answered here. If you’re familiar with tofubeats, you’re already well acquainted with his always well-planned music videos. But despite the necessary advertising present here, the actual delivery of the music video makes up for it. Stuck in the loop of life, the music video glides through a day in the life while those signature vocals melt over the top. Couple this with Yunovation on the chorus, and KASHIF on guitar, and you’re immediately lost in the moment with “Keep on Lovin’ You”.

Available for streaming via all major platforms, those interested in checking out tofubeats’ latest single “Keep on Lovin’ You” can head over to the track’s official webpage.

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