Tofubeats Tapped To Do Theme For Unko Museum

Tofubeats Tapped To Do Theme For Unko Museum

Our man Tofubeats has been known to do a commercial theme or two over the years. However, his upcoming song in this vein is one none of us could have predicted. One of the hardest working producers today, literally putting out a surprise album days ago completely unconnected this, Tofubeats has been tapped to create a song for the Unko Museum Tokyo. In case your Japanese isn’t up to snuff, ‘unko’ means poop. Tofubeats is creating the theme song for Tokyo’s one and only poop museum! While the song actually doesn’t come out until September 25, we thought this was delightful enough to let you know in advance.

Even better, the name of the song Tofubeats is crafting for the Unko Museum basically translates to ‘Live, Laugh, Poop’. I’m actually cracking up writing this imagining if he’s going to use fart samples or manipulate field recordings of flushing toilets to breathe life into what will certainly be the defining track of his career. He’s done songs about Playstation, he’s done songs about seinen manga, and now he’s composing an ode to poop.

Jokes aside for a second, looking at the graphic design aesthetic for the Unko Museum used above it, Tofubeats probably is a great pick for this unique task. His songs are filled with colorful synths and playful melodies that would do a good job of illuminating the Unko Museum experience. At least, that’s what I think. I’ve yet to visit the Unko Museum, mainly because I didn’t know it existed. It’s in Diver City in Odaiba and probably opened not that long ago. I already love going to Odaiba as its the kitsch capital of Tokyo with its life-size Gundam and not life-sized statue of liberty. Now I have one more poop reason to go!

Tofubeats’ ‘Live, Laugh, Poop’ drops September 25. You can look up the Unko Museum here.

Unko Museum Tokyo
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