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Welcome to NERV! Your Guide to Work and Life in Tokyo-3

Welcome to NERV

(A Handy Guide for all Prospective Employees)

Hello there! If you are reading this, we would like to congratulate you on your hard work and dedication up to this point. After a long and rigorous approval process, we have selected YOU to join our operations here at NERV and help us in our tireless effort to combat the possibility of a world-altering Third Impact, and also work on [REDACTED]. This is a dangerous job, but alongside the thousands of people working as part of NERV in Tokyo-3, you will be doing a valuable service in maintaining the Evangelion units, and protecting Japan and the world from the threat posed by the Angels.

If you choose to accept our job offer to work at NERV, you and your family would be required to relocate to Tokyo-3, a city set up and dedicated to the housing and operation of NERV headquarters, its employees, and their families. We are aware that you may not know much about this state-of-the-art city situated close to the new Japanese capital of Tokyo-2, and with its propensity to be a target for Angel attacks, we expect that you may have many concerns about living in such a city.

This brief guide is designed to alleviate those concerns. Before you accept or deny our job offer, please carefully read through the pack provided. We hope that it will address any worries you may have about your future career and life in this new place. We hope that being open and transparent about this information will reassure you that, alongside being effectively able to execute your work maintaining the Evangelion units, you and your family will be looked after and stay safe during your time living in this wonderful city.

Any information shared with you in this letter is strictly confidential.

Welcome to Tokyo-3

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You may remember the tragic attack on our capital city of Tokyo days after the world-altering Second Impact fifteen years ago. In the years following this event, we have worked hard to ensure further catastrophe will not occur on Japanese soil. Although NERV may be an independent United Nations (UN) organization established following the events of the Second Impact, we have complete and total jurisdiction over the city of Tokyo-3, while also maintaining independence from the Japanese government.

The fallout from these tragic events directly resulted in the establishment of NERV, and became the catalyst for our work in developing and maintaining the Evangelion units. This is solely and entirely for the protection of Tokyo-3 and the world against the Angels. We are a highly trustworthy entity that has no ulterior motives at all behind our work in no way, shape or form, and this goes doubly so for our Commander, Gendo Ikari.

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Upon your arrival in Tokyo-3, you will be assigned living quarters in the same area as other NERV employees within the city, while your work will take place underneath the city in the NERV base housed within the GeoFront. While we have built the city of Tokyo-3 in a way that takes advantage of both the natural landscape of old Hakone upon which it was built and maintains the conveniences of city living, we hope that your life in Tokyo-3 away from your work in the NERV base within the GeoFront will be pleasant, relaxing, and visually stimulating for you and your family. After all, we want your life to feel fulfilling, whether you’re simply spending time with your loved ones or working to protect the world from danger.

A State-Of-The-Art Safety System to Protect the City From Attack

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We understand, however, that the Tokyo-3 NERV base is, for some reason, notorious for numerous attacks from the very creatures we are sworn to combat: the Angels. You may have many questions regarding how we can ensure your family’s safety while you work within NERV, when the city of Tokyo-3 is under the ever-present danger of becoming a battlefield in clashes between the Angels and the Evangelion units.

To minimize damage, we have built a world-beating disaster prevention system using the vast resources at our disposal. We also have an evacuation policy that should protect you, your family, and the city itself from undue harm. Every building within the small city of Tokyo-3 is built to counteract the additional risk the city faces from foreign attack and the use of giant mechanized Evangelions in the battles to defeat the Angels.

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In the event of an incoming Angel attack, specialized siren warnings will sound throughout the city using the city’s high-tech alert system. This will also inform residents of the nearest evacuation centers where they can safely quarantine within comfortable, reinforced bunkers until the attack has passed. Food and water will be provided to evacuees so they can sustain themselves for an extended period as they stay safe within the bunkers until the danger has passed.

Taking advantage of the vast GeoFront underneath the city, we here at NERV have developed special building retraction technology. Ahead of an Angel’s attack, and in line with current evacuation procedures, buildings can retract underground to prevent damage, with these buildings returning to their normal position above ground after use. This should ensure that loss of personal belongings and homes will not be a concern for NERV residents, as all buildings will be protected from damage.

We pride ourselves on safety, and we believe this represents our dedication to this cause.

A School Perfect for Potential Eva Pilots Your Child

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Of course, education comes hand-in-hand with a prosperous life for you and your family in Tokyo-3. As a result, you will be glad to know that the superb Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School is located within our city limits.

We work closely with the school here at NERV to ensure that the education it offers is of maximum benefit to your child’s future and their life in Tokyo-3. As part of this, we have enhanced the curriculum your child will be studying to align with what we feel would be best for your child to understand in order to prepare them for adulthood and a potential job at NERV HQ.

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NERV strongly believes that every lesson can be enhanced with an in-depth discussion of the tragic Second Impact that changed our world fifteen years ago. As a result, every lesson will incorporate additional teaching, designed to increase your child’s understanding of these events. Whether your child is studying Math or Science, their education will be enhanced by drowning out this information with repeated discussions on this tragic and world-altering event.

Armed with extensive knowledge of the Second Impact, your child would be a perfect fit here at NERV in the future, as they will be an expert on the topics needed for success within our organization.

Your Work in the GeoFront and at NERV

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Your child’s education and the wellbeing of your family are important to us, so if our reassurances are satisfactory, we hope this letter has convinced you to join our organization. To prepare for your work here at NERV, we would like to introduce you to Tokyo-3’s unique feature: your place of work: the GeoFront and NERV HQ.

GeoFront, the underground environment housing NERV HQ, is a stunning naturally occurring phenomenon that we have taken advantage of to house our base of operations. While we are proud of the state-of-the-art city we have built in Tokyo-3, you may be aware that the city was first built to shelter the GeoFront and NERV HQ from Angel attack, also with the deployment of Evangelion units in mind.

We expect that you will take some time to adjust to the non-standard layout of NERV HQ. Housed within a giant pyramid built in the GeoFront itself, a sprawling network of rooms and tunnels that tunnel underground for miles means that even experienced NERV employees have trouble finding their way around. Rest assured, as in this pack we have provided a map that clearly marks the locations key of elevators, escalators, and corridors that clearly mark your way around NERV HQ, marking the directions towards areas such as the infirmary, the Evangelion units, and the control stations. As part of your work maintaining the Evangelion units, you will spend much of your time overseeing sync testing and maintenance in the NERV control room situated in room B-20.

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Going further underground, you will find Central Dogma and Terminal Dogma, both of which are areas that your level of clearance at this facility will not allow access to. Please be warned that as a new employee your work is not concerned with these inner sanctums: attempts to enter these areas will brand you a traitor and will result in termination (of at least your employment).

We hope this informational pamphlet has clarified your concerns regarding the safety and contents of your job here in Tokyo-3. Given the fantastic opportunity we are providing you with, to protect the Earth from potential Angel threats, we hope that you will carefully consider this offer and join us today!

While we respect you are free to make your own decisions on this matter, the information here is highly sensitive. Due to receiving this package, you are now aware of high-level security information that would make you a liability to our future operations if you were not to work at NERV. We can not guarantee your safety if you reject this job offer.

Please consider your options… carefully.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
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