Tokyo Otaku Mode Announces Evapacasso Ver.2

Evapacasso Main Image

It’s been a little over a year since Tokyo Otaku Mode put out Version 1 of the loveable but dangerous Evapacsso. The initial run of the adorable Evangelion themed alpacas covered Unit-01, Unit-02, and Unit-00. Tokyo Otaku Mode has just announced that they will be doing a second version of the Evapacasso line, with new designs to boot. If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, it really seems like everything under the sun is getting an Evangelion collaboration, not that I’m complaining about it, if anything, I’m more astonished at the creativity that companies have with combining IPs, it’s truly amazing.

The second version of the Evapacasso comes in three editions just like the previous release as well as three different designs. The three editions correlate to the size of the Evapacasso, and they come in Mascot, Standard, and Jumbo sizes. With Version 1, if you preordered the set, you were also presented with a similar size NERV HQ. We’re happy to share that with Version 2 if you preorder, you will also be getting a special treat, an Entry Plug that your Evapacasso can sit in just before they take their LCL bath.

The designs that are available this time are based on the Eva Type-08β, The Awakened Eva Unit-01, and everyone’s favorite Angel. I really don’t know what to think of these, they’re adorable, but I want to take them seriously because it’s Evangelion, too. I’m really torn.

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The Evapacasso are available to preorder on the Tokyo Otaku Mode website both in Japan and Overseas. Each set comes with all three Evapacasso plushes, so you’re not missing out on anything. The only thing up to you to decide is what size you want to get. If I end up getting a set for myself, I will likely end up getting the Standard size, who knows, maybe I’ll make my dreams come true and get the Jumbo sizes.


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