Tokyo Skytree is Getting a Major ‘Macross’ Makeover

When it comes to sky-high anime collaborations, the fine folks at the Tokyo Skytree are not shy in decking out one of Tokyo’s hottest tourist attractions in all manner of decoration and special exhibits. This past Spring, I had the incredible opportunity to check out the official Attack on Titan collaboration, complete with titan attack simulations at a ground-breaking 350 meters in the sky. You can check our detailed photo report of that event right here.

After their current Holiday event wraps up, however, the Skytree will be receiving another huge makeover; this time playing stage to not only space battles, but also space idols. That’s right — Macross is coming to the Tokyo Skytree, complete with series concert broadcasts at some seriously unbelievable heights.

The ‘Macross Blue Moon Show Case in Tokyo Skytree’  collaboration is just a small part of the series’ 35th-anniversary celebration, and will run from January 8 until February 28. You can expect the Tembo deck of the Skytree to be, well, decked out with decals and pop-up stands featuring Macross series characters and props. Flashy concert footage will be streaming throughout the halls and projected on the windows, and of course, the gift shops and cafes will be offering merch and themed food aplenty.

If you find yourself in Tokyo early next year, I dare say that there is no better time to check out one of the city’s must-see attractions. Aside from the great collaborations, seeing Tokyo from atop the world’s tallest broadcast tower is worth the price of admission alone.

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