Toradora Girls Inspire Line of Perfume

Toradora Perfumes Visual

Anime fans can now smell like a tsundere with this new line of Toradora!-inspired perfumes. The fragrances by Dreaming Princess are named after Taiga Aisaka, Minori Kushieda, and Ami Kawashima from the romantic comedy anime series.

Taiga Perfume, Toradora

For example, according to the website, the Taiga scent starts with a ‘fresh and fruity’ top which expresses her blunt personality. The perfume is ‘soft floral’ in the middle, representing her ‘life-sized honesty,’ but also the ‘delicacy of a high school girl.’ Like a true tsundere, the fragrance ‘slowly spreads a warm and deep amber scent’ at the end.

The Minori perfume starts with a ‘scent of lemon that bursts like a smile.’ It changes to ‘a soft and sweet scent’ of rose and peach.

The third perfume represents the complex personality of Ami Kawashima. On the surface, it combines ‘the freshness of fruit with the sweetness of bergamot and mandarin.’ However, underneath that is patchouli, ‘which shows the true nature of Ami.’ It finishes with a floral scent ‘with a soft musk scent that gradually spreads.’

All three of the perfumes come with a Ryuji Takasu fragrance hand gel. The hand gel isn’t sold separately.

Toradora chibi

Although Dreaming Princess is primarily a perfume brand, the Toradora! perfume site also includes coasters and keychains. The four main characters are drawn in a chibi style, instead of the more regular art shown on the perfume box or the hand gel.

You can find more information at the Dreaming Princess website. According to the website, the ‘magical perfume… makes you feel like a princess.’ Amazon Japan also sells the perfume. You can also find the perfume at eBay.

Crunchyroll has both dubbed and subtitled versions of this high school romantic comedy/ slice-of-life series.

Dreaming Princess via PRTimes press release; Yuyuko Takemiya / ASCII Media Works / 'Toradora!' Production Committee
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