Chiptine Artist TORIENA Announces Indefinite Live Hiatus Due to Health

Chiptine Artist TORIENA Announces Indefinite Live Hiatus Due to Health

For the better part of my time in Japan, there wasn’t a single major event you could go to that wasn’t adorned with TORIENA’s name. It was a major highlight of every show, and as TORIENA grew as an artist, each and every event got that little bit more crazy. I’ve spent a bit of time covering the Kyoto-born, Tokyo-based artist in the past, especially following the release of her 2018 album SIXTHSENSE RIOTacross Japan. Unfortunately, as it was announced today, it might be a while before people get to witness that magic live again.

In a tweet that went out from TORIENA’s management account, as well as an update to her official website, it’s detailed that all upcoming shows from the artist have been canceled, and that she is going on an indefinite break from events. The news came as a bit of a shock when I first saw it, but as anyone who has been following TORIENA would know, the artist has found herself struggling with her own health for a couple of months now.

Via her official website, her management starts out by detailing that fans have no need to worry and that this is just a temporary break for recovery. They state that the hospital visits are a direct result of excessive activities, and it was mutually decided by everyone involved that TORIENA simply needs to take a break.

In TORIENA’s detailing below, however, she shares that in mid-February her vision began to act strange, and following a visit to the hospital, a white-spot was discovered in her brain. She also goes to mention that she’s been told by doctors that it will disappear and her eyesight will return to normal, though she does need to rest for some time until it does.

While this absolutely is tragic news, the fact that TORIENA is going to be able to recover is an absolute blessing. But while this is an indefinite hiatus, TORIENA has gone on to mention that she does plan to work on new music during recovery, as well as make the most of the time that she won’t be spending performing.

It’s already been announced by her management that to make up for the lack of performances in the coming months, TORIENA’s catalog of classic sounds will be made available on all streaming services. This includes the following releases:

1st Album「BLACK DANCE HOLE」(Streaming
2nd Album 「SPACE FUGITIVES」(Streaming
3rd Album「A.I Complex」(Streaming
1st vocal album「FAKEBIT」(Streaming

I think I speak for the whole OTAQUEST team when I say we wish TORIENA the absolute best in her recovery, and we can’t wait to see her energy return to the stage in the future. Being an absolutely key component of Tokyo’s club scene, her absence will surely be felt, but this is definitely the moment for rest.

For those interested in checking out the full announcement, be sure to visit TORIENA’s official website.

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