TORIENA Rises From The Ashes With A One-Man Live Announcement

Toriena Rises From The Ashes With A One-Man Live Announcement

Earlier today, tough-as-nails chiptune producer TORIENA announced that she will be ending her hiatus from live shows this August, returning in full health to the front lines of the club scene with a one-man live show entitled, “Phoenix”.

Due to poor health conditions, TORIENA was forced to take a break from playing live shows from March earlier this year. She has written that her doctor found a disease in her brain, and she needed to take some time to minimize activity. Luckily, there have been no concerning spots appearing on her recent brain scans for the past 3 months, and she is no longer experiencing double vision. We’re glad she’s gradually coming back to full health.

Toriena Rises From The Ashes With A One-Man Live Announcement

In their announcement, TORIENA and her management also apologized for causing fans to worry and thanked them for their kind words and concern. Even though TORIENA has been unable to perform, she’s definitely not slowed down on the production front — working on the latest Team Sonic Racing game, as well as composing for the recent Sokenbicha campaign. TORIENA wrote that she’s been polishing her skills and making significant improvements to her works, and I can only imagine what she may be cooking up for her revival live show in August.

TORIENA’s style can be defined as thrashy, powerful, and energetic. She moves around a lot and hypes up the crowd during her live performances, and it’s really a treat to be in the crowd while she’s going all-out on stage. TORIENA frequently uses her modified Game Boy to perform, and while her music isn’t entirely made of chiptune elements, she maintains those chunky, sparkly, 8-bit sounds while pairing them with modern sounds.

TORIENA will be back in action and conducting her one-man live show at the club Shibuya Glad on August 4 later this year. You can read the full statement on TORIENA’s official website, and you can buy tickets to her show on her shop.

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