TORIENA Shares Explosive New Single ‘Cut My Hair’

TORIENA Shares Explosive New Single 'Cut My Hair'

This month is proving especially promising within the field of music, especially when it comes from producers taking left-field risks that prove the be high-reward in delivery. One such producer is Tokyo’s ever-evolving TORIENA, delivering a jaw-dropping new single “Cut My Hair” which essentially throws everything you know about the producer out the window, instead delivering a jam-packed punch that hits just right. While many might know TORIENA for her 8-bit work, this latest single is anything but — it’s a total HD makeover of TORIENA’s usual sound, coming in with a sound that I can’t wait to hear blasted through the sound system at any of Tokyo’s clubs.

Make no mistake, this isn’t the TORIENA you know, but it’s definitely one you can love.

Released this week, TORIENA’s latest single “Cut My Hair” hits all the right notes in delivering a boss fight worthy sound that absolutely sends chills down your spine. While it’s been no secret over the past couple of years that TORIENA has been evolving her sound, this is most definitely her biggest departure to date. The end result, however, goes above and beyond what one would expect from such a change. Don’t believe us? Just check out the single below:

If this is a sign of what’s to come from TORIENA leading into 2020, I can’t help but be on the edge of my seat. Following a slight health scare just earlier this year, it’s beyond exciting to see TORIENA returning in such a dynamic way. There’s no doubt in my mind that “Cut My Hair” will be a welcome addition to any set, and more importantly could serve as the perfect opportunity to get the floor heated in a way that you simply can’t within the limitations of a GameBoy’s sound fonts.

Available for streaming now via all major services, you can check out additional information on TORIENA’s latest single via her official website.

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