TORIENA Documents Her Struggles With Health in Latest “Double Vision” EP

TORIENA Releases Double Vision EP

Hard-hitting electronic artist TORIENA has announced her newest EP, “Double Vision”, after a period of taking a small rest from the music world. “Double Vision” dropped earlier this week via the chiptune-centric MADMILKY Records and has been made available on just about every streaming platform.

TORIENA Releases Double Vision EP

“Double Vision” features 3 energetic tracks documenting health experiences that have been entirely written and performed by TORIENA, down to the lyrics. She even created the artwork and promotional video by herself. Fellow Tokyo musician gu2 is credited on the feature track “Double Vision” for providing the backing guitar. I think the style is a bit different from her usual super-electronic sound, but it maintains the same hype energy. My favorite track is TAXI DRIVER, it has a really nice groove to it that’s slower than her usual club bangers, and the bassline is sort of 90’s reminiscent.

The tracklisting for the EP is as follows:

2.Follow me
3.Double Vision

The release of “Double Vision” comes very closely before her return to the club scene with her one-man live show dubbed, “PHOENIX”. The EP marks her coming back to life, as TORIENA was rendered unable to perform live shows for a while due to her poor health, but after a taking a few months to heal, she’s back even stronger than ever.

The EP name is presumably inspired by TORIENA’s steadily healing physical health problems that began sometime around the end of last year. Doctors found an abnormality in her brain that caused her to have a multitude of symptoms, including double vision. However, after healing steadily under the doctor’s supervision, she’s able to return to her life as a Tokyo club scene rockstar.

Make sure to catch TORIENA’s revival live show on August 4 at Shibuya Glad, where she’s sure to perform tons of new music, including her new EP.

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