TORIENA Releases Major Debut Music Video, ‘MELANCOZMO’

It wasn’t too long ago that we shared news that the undisputed queen of chiptune, TORIENA, would be making her major debut with Toy’s Factory Japan. Coming alongside that very announcement was news of an upcoming five-track EP, MELANCOZMO”, which would act as the entry point for many into the blip-filled world of TORIENA. Not even a month later, we’re already beginning to see the release spring to life in the form of the EP’s titular song “MELANCOZMO”, which has received its own music video via the Toy’s Factory Japan YouTube channel:

Directed by the always-talented Toshitaka Shinoda, we’re pulled into a hyper-stylish world of chaos with TORIENA front and center. The music video is a visual treat from start to finish, and perfectly accompanies such a powerful song. From the attention to detail with the costumes and beyond, TORIENA is undeniably leaving a major imprint on the mainstream music label scene. If MELANCOZMO is simply a sampling of the full upcoming EP, than I can’t wait to see what the rest of the release brings to the table.

Interested in checking out a little more information on MELANCOZMO? You can find everything you need in both English and Japanese via TORIENA’s official website. You can also check out our previous write-ups on the rapidly rising chiptune musician, here.

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