TORIENA Releases Latest ‘Time Capsule feat. Yunomi’

With just a few short days standing between us and TORIENA’s highly-anticipated new album, “SIXTHSENSE RIOT”, there’s definitely a lot of excitement floating around the OTAQUEST office. It should be obvious that there’s been a high-level of hype amongst us since the album was originally announced last month, but our excitement actually predates even that — let’s flashback to September 8 to a little party known as Violently Cute. Taking place at Club Asia in Shibuya, this event would ultimately be the test bed for what would later be known as “Time Capsule,” the latest collaborative track from both TORIENA and Yunomi, and what a track it is.

Uploaded earlier today to TORIENA’s official SoundCloud account, the track is the perfect blend of both Yunomi and TORIENA’s production values, with TORIENA’s iconic vocals layered over the top. It’s a small component of what will otherwise be a wide array of styles featured throughout the playtime of “SIXTHSENSE RIOT”, but none-the-less it stands out incredibly on its own, sounding equally impressive when performed live as it does from the comfort of your own room.

Set to release both digitally and physically nationwide in Japan on October 17, 2018, further details on TORIENA’s upcoming album “SIXTHSENSE RIOT” can be found via her official website.

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