Taito Teases Songs From Upcoming Rhythm Puzzle Game, Touhou Spell Bubble

Touhou Spell Bubble

As we had reported previously, Taito will be releasing a unique rhythm puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch titled Touhou Spell Bubble. Today, we learned about some more of the songs that will be featured in the game. This is certainly not the full song list, rather a teaser of things to come:

「Bubble no Jumon ha Shuu! Po! Push!」

ARM × Shichijo Lettuce ft. Marisa Kirisame


Akatsuki Records


SOUND HOLIC feat.Nana Takahashi

「Satoriai (feat. ytr)」


「Hikari Puzzle」


「Kimiiro Petal」

One feat. 3L



「Kyoukai no Utage」


「Kanata he no Tabi」

Yuuhei Satellite

「Pure Huries-YS MIX-」

Yu Shimoda (ZUNTATA)

「Koi no Emotion」

Silver Forest

「Grand Regression」

RD-Sounds feat. Merami Pop


Taito also did one more solid by giving us a crossfade of the above song list (see above). It allows players to get a feel of the game and what it’s like. Furthermore, they have uploaded a trailer for the game which shows us a little more of what the gameplay is expected to be like. What I’m trying to figure out is how the rhythm game aspect of the title works.

On the side of each playfield, there is a gauge that scrolls with the music and even has what looks like note indicators in the field. I’m curious as to how this will play into the game as from just watching the Touhou Spell Bubble teaser, I can’t quite figure it out.

Touhou Spell Bubble releases on the Nintendo Switch E-Shop on February 6th as a download exclusive title for ¥5800.

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