TOYOTOMI Announces Evangelion Collaboration Portable Stove


Japanese manufacturer TOYOTOMI has been around for a multitude of years and is responsible for making a number of lifestyle products from stoves, space heaters, humidifiers, and air purifiers. Their “rainbow” series of portable stoves have been around for over 70 years and gets its name from the 7 color flame that emits from the base of the stove. Today, they have announced that they are doing a collaboration with EVANGELION and a special limited edition of their TOYOTOMI Rainbow stove.

TOYOTOMI EVA Rainbow Stove

This again goes in line with what I have said on almost all of my EVANGELION collaboration pieces, EVANGELION is a franchise that has the possibility to collaborate with pretty much any product line under the sun. This collaboration is no different. The EVANGELION x TOYOTOMI portable stove is based on the Unit-01 design with its iconic purple color with green accents. The knob which controls the flame has the NERV logo front and center and there is no shortage of design choices that the manufacturer chose to use when designing the product. There is even a rainbow-colored insert where the flame is to simulate the look of an AT Field. Now that is awesome.

The EVANGELION x TOYOTOMI Rainbow stove is powered by kerosene which means that it doesn’t require a conventional electric power source meaning that it can even be used in the case of a disaster. Also for the times that you’re not using the stove, there is also a NERV-themed carrying bag that comes along with the stove. It seems that TOYOTOMI really thought of everything when developing this.

Toyotomi Eva Stove

The EVANGELION x TOYOTOMI Rainbow stove is now available for pre-order for a not so wallet-friendly price of ¥45,000 (approx. $429 USD) and will be shipping in April of next year. TOYOTOMI products can usually be purchased internationally however we are unable to verify that this product is the same due to licensing. So if you were looking to add to your ever-expanding EVANGELION collection, it might be best to reach out to a friend or a proxy to nab this one for you.

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