Track Lab for PlayStation VR Gets A Groovy Gameplay Trailer and Release Date

Put on your PlayStation VR headset and enter a virtual space full of musical potential. Exclusive to PlayStation VR, Track Lab by Little Chicken Game Company lets you easily create new beats by moving musical building blocks around in their virtual environment.

“The grid layout and building blocks with which you create your track, make timing your beats the easiest thing in the world. Want a beat to play a little sooner or later? Simply reach out and move it further along the grid.

This simple mechanic is at the core of a powerful set of tools that expand as you learn to make more complex musical compositions, eventually allowing you to build truly awesome tracks.”

With an intuitive and extensive toolkit at your fingertips, every genre from techno, to hip-hop, to rock can be mixed to make your track. No musical experience is required – but if you need a helping hand to get you started, Evolver mode teaches you patterns and musical constructs by solving puzzles in different musical genres. When you’ve created a masterpiece, share the love and stream your performances to the world, via the PlayStation Network.

Track Lab is set to release August 22nd.

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