TREKKIE TRAX Launches New Talent Intake Program ‘TREKKIE TRAX: branch’

Japanese netlabel TREKKIE TRAX has long dominated the Tokyo club scene with their infectious dance music and bass-heavy sounds, offering a signature style revered across the globe by some of the industries top talents. Their footprint on the electronic music scene is nothing to be scoffed at either, birthing numerous talents such as Masayoshi Iimori, Carpainter, and more into the world. Now the netlabel is on the lookout for the next-generation of musical talent, kickstarted entirely by their new “TREKKIE TRAX: branch” program.


Running from now until August 31, 2018, the TREKKIE TRAX: branch program extends its hands to both Japanese and international trackmakers, vocalists, and MCs. The netlabel explains that since their founding in 2012, the netlabel has had a heavy focus on both dance music and bass music, though it’s looking to branch out into even more fields. Those interested in participating in the program need only submit their demo(s) via a Google Docs form, as well as provide some basic information.

When it comes to netlabels here in Japan, you’d be hardpressed finding too many as prolific as TREKKIE TRAX, making this the perfect opportunity for any budding artists. Those interested in checking out further information can head over to the aforementioned Google Docs sheet, here.

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