TREKKIE TRAX Launches :branch Project w/ Debut Compilation

Just a few weeks back we shared that Japan-based netlabel TREKKIE TRAX was beginning intake for the next generation of producers with what they were dubbing the “:branch” program. Well, today we finally saw this program spring to life with the long-established netlabel’s latest “TREKKIE TRAX :branch Vol. 01” compilation which dropped via the TREKKIE’s official Bandcamp account. Featuring 15 different unique talents, you’re not going to be seeing any names you’re likely familiar with — but that’s the point. In TREKKIE TRAX’ eyes, these 15 candidates are the future of electronic music, and this is undoubtedly just the beginning.

The whole compilation does an incredible job of bringing together numerous genres together under the TREKKIE TRAX name, with sounds represented from Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, and more, all flawlessly slotting into the six-year legacy of quality crafted by the netlabel. While it’s honestly quite difficult to single out any one or two tracks, I’ve found myself enjoying both “4+1” by niafrasco, as well as “October” by Technokoutarou on repeat since release. It’s not just these two tracks, however, but each of the 15 pieces that build this compilation are genuinely incredible and leaves me excited to see how these next few years pan out.

Available now via Bandcamp, you can check out even more information on both TREKKIE TRAX and the :branch project via their official website.

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