TREKKIE TRAX CREW and Minami Nakamura Ring In The New Era With ‘Reiwa’

The former Emperor Akihito has stepped down from the Chrysanthemum Throne. His son, Emperor Naruhito has succeeded. It’s the start of a new era. The Reiwa era. What better way to celebrate this once every 30 to 60 or so years occasion than with thumping bass music? One of Japan’s premiere club collectives, the always banging TREKKIE TRAX CREW tapped TENG GANG STARR rapper Minami Nakamura for this thumper. The song itself is simply named ‘Reiwa’ which gets right to the heart of things. A rather nontraditional way to celebrate a significant cultural event and change. Here’s the tune.

Lots of artists have been cashing in on the last days of Heisei and the first days of Reiwa. I’d guess TREKKIE TRAX CREW aren’t the only people to drop a track called ‘Reiwa’ today, although that’s just an assumption. What makes this track worth paying attention to is that its minimalist bass grooves go smooth. There’s not a lot of glitz and glamour to the song; it’s very straight to the point. A thumping bass, Minami Nakamura’s energetic vocals, that’s about it. It’s the type of song that would be a hit in the club, the car, or the gym.

TREKKIE TRAX have been on the frontier of Japanese club music for the past decade. Both a label always worth paying attention to and a collective always worth going out and seeing, they know how to stay fresh and bring something new to the table every time. Minami Nakamura’s main hip-hop outfit TENG GANG STARR are rising stars of the hip-hop scene in Japan. Nakamura’s light vocal approach always melds well with whatever beats she’s rapping over. Having worked with folks like Seiho and TREKKIE TRAX’S Masayoshi Iimori before, they’re no strangers to music that, as the kids say, goes hard.

TREKKIE TRAX CREW and Minami Nakamura’s ‘Reiwa’ is available for streaming and purchase now.

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