Trendy Shirts from Human Made to Steal the Show

Trendy Shirts from Human Made to Steal the Show

Whether you need breathable fabric to step out on a sunny day or just show off the fashion icon in you with some captivating prints, you got something from the A Bathing Ape founder here. 

Supersoft fabric, sturdy looks, and of course, the classic champagne-kissed rustic finish of the 1960s American retrograde fashion is completely shelled in one of the ever-desired Japanese vintage labels, HUMAN MADE

BAPE fame Nigo has been offering a limited-edition line of fantastic clothing for fashion fanatics. And speaking of the Japanese label’s classic shirt collections, well, he’s got something pouring out in the name of fashion. 

And I’m totally in love with the prints and choice of colors (frankly and personally speaking)!

The Shirts that are ‘IN’ for Fashion

Colorful shirts paired with ethnic denim or retro-themed cargos are a big YES during the scorching heat of summer. The way I deal with summer is definitely cotton, comfortable, and of course, designer! 

Take this marvelous piece from Nigo’s Human MadeThe Pineapple Aloha Shirt! Well, from the looks of it, the shirt is an explosion of fun, colors, and everything the ‘Nigo-ish’ way. 

A fusion of Japanese style of stitching and of course, in the American classic finish makes this piece from Human Made stand out for all peppy reasons. 

Short-sleeved look in a camp collar finish brushed with an amazing chest pocket is all good news about this spectacular shirt by Nigo. 

This Jade-hued shirt is splashed with pineapple graphic illustrations throughout, and that looks mesmerizing and refreshing for a day out this summer. 

I agree with shirt lovers who deal with the ‘100% cotton‘ style clothing and why not, because dude, it’s summer! And summer is always the season for fun, blue skies, and some sweat-spilling hiking and camping! 

Human Made’s Pineapple Aloha Shirt has revived what we call as the ‘21st-century classic collection‘! 

Check out the price here!

Navy Shirt Makes Everything Savvy

This long-sleeve Navy shirt is a complete maneuver that channels a perfect fusion of the retro Americana aesthetics (and of course, the Japanese-style classical way!). 

This breathtaking piece from Nigo’s vintage label presents a bold spin on the world of vacation-themed shirts. 

The bold embroidery on this navy shirt’s reverse is marveled with an illustrative duck motif beneath the stylish branding of Human Made’s ‘Dry Alls‘ signature. Fabricated to perfection in a stylized vintage theme, this iconic silhouette is a boasting pick for casual affairs. 

Rayon and cotton blend shirts are always a trending spree during summers. I agree with Nigo’s choice of investing his creativity through the dual chest pockets. And not to forget, the Human Made signature embroidered above the left-sided pocket is all praises for shouting out the joy of designer fashion wear. 

Well, this amazing piece from the famed BAPE icon’s Japanese vintage label is priced at about $415 and of course, it is limited-edition! I guess I’ll have to hurry up and add it to my cart before it’s gone forever! 

Rugger Shirt for a Classic Appeal

100% cotton, rayon, or a blend of both, BAPE godfather Nigo has always taken his heartfelt inspiration from the 1950s rustic fashion. 

And this rugger shirt from Human Made is a never-to-cease pick that boasts the laurels of comfort, looks, and the plethora of fashion

This rugger shirt is a best-fitting example of quality fabric, fits, and logos that echo the era of the good old days! 

Human Made’s rugger shirt arrives in a heavyweight blend of cotton in Navy and Grey stripes. Kitted with savvy ribbed knits that run through the cuffs and fabricated with a buttoned neckline, this pullover-style shirt embraces everything sporty and chic. 

Human Made’s mini heart logo stitched to the heart side of the chest flaunts the signature brand’s ever-charismatic style and fashion. 

At just $129, this ethnic piece from Nigo is available on most of the renowned online stores. 

Yokosuka Camp-Collar Printed Voile Shirt

Frankly speaking, I’m just awestruck with the illustrative legacy of this shirt! This one of a kind piece from the ever-classic Human Made pays a hearty tribute to Japanese heritage, and it’s undoubtedly evident in this ‘Yokosuka’ shirt. 

Maybe Nigo has worked out on this one from his heart, as usual! 

The soaring falcon prints highlight a peppy reference to the once-popular sport, Takagari. Cut from a seamless blend of fluid voile, this boxy white shirt is all about the fusion of the bygone era and traditional Japanese ethics. I suggest that this Human Made pick might sit neatly and comfortably over a tee (my personal styling!). 

But unfortunately, this spectacular pick from Nigo’s vintage apparel house is out of stock in most of the online stores

That’s quite alarming, especially after falling in love with the looks of this shirt. Well, all we can do is just wait with our fingers crossed until this signature piece gets back in stock. (Sigh..!!!)

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