Math Rock Outfit tricot Release New Single ‘potage’

Since some of their earliest releases, Japanese Math Rock outfit tricot have always felt more like high-art than traditional music. Through the complexities of their musical stylings, all the way to their presentation through both performances and music videos, there always has been an extra layer of depth to their signature formatting. That’s simply part of the reason the band’s latest music video for their 5th single, “potage,” is so great – showcasing the members of the band as parts of a larger art piece.


Right off the heels of the 2017 release of the band’s third studio album “3” which received a global release alongside re-issues of their first two albums, “T H E” and “A N D,” tricot is back in full form with “potage.” Utilizing the incredible talents of the bands newest member, Yuusuke Yoshida, coupled with the interchanging vocal talents of both Ikumi Nakajima and Kida Motoko, we’re met with the perfect recipe for something beautiful, complimented only by Hiromi Sagane’s gorgeous bass performance.

Stemming from the band’s new double A-side 7-inch release, fans can now stream both “potage” and “On the boom” directly via tricot’s official Spotify, here.

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