Studio TRIGGER Announce Three New Animated Projects

It was roughly an hour before start when I entered the JW Marriott ahead of my most anticipated panel of the entire convention, studio TRIGGER’s industry panel. I thought to myself “Oh, I’m arriving over an hour so I should be able to secure myself a pretty solid seating position!”, but that was nothing short of my first mistake. With an hour to go before guests were even to enter the panel, lines were wrapped well around the corner of the hotel. I cautiously approach the middle of the line, with a slither of fear within — I ask the nearest person “What’s this line for?”, only to have the dreaded response come back to me “Oh, this is for the Trigger panel.” Welp. 

I’m not going to act like I couldn’t just jump to the front, because thankfully I could, but the sheer shock of the line size left me well aware that people were going to be turned away. You see, TRIGGER is unlike any other studio over here in North America — they’re a studio with one of the most dedicated international fanbases in the whole world, and it’s absolutely terrifying. Upon entering the panel room, we find our seats and await the enormous audience to enter. That’s when things get a little crazy, with an announcement made to stay calm during the next happening. Suddenly the studio staff burst into the room holding cash guns, firing countless amounts of TRIGGER money into the crowd. Things go absolutely wild, only to be followed up with an all new episode of Inferno Cop, which could possibly be one of the wildest to date. It was filled with crossovers from all TRIGGER universes, as well as an appearance from Donald Trump and an extremely American Little Witch Academia cast. 

We learnt a lot of different exclusive information about the Little Witch Academia characters, which I’ll go into more detail about at a later date. But the real mainstay event of the show was the announcement of three new animated projects from the team at TRIGGER. So let’s go into a little bit of detail in regards to that:

New Title #1: DARLING in the FRANKXX (TRIGGER x A-1 Pictures)

There’s currently very little known about this project in particular, but what has been shared is both it’s title and it’s collaborators. We can disclose that the project is in collaboration with the acclaimed A-1 Pictures who have absolutely taken the animation industry by storm over the years, and on top of that it will be titled “DARLING in the FRANKXX”. We were also shown a brief PV which is set to be released on July 5th in Japan, so we have that to look forward to as well. Shared on the official TRIGGER Twitter account was the above image, which is slightly less impressive than the one shown to those of us at Anime Expo. 

New Title #2: Gridman (TRIGGER x TSUBURAYA)

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