Studio TRIGGER’s Akira Amemiya Designs Latest Transformers Model Kits

Announced earlier this week, Studio TRIGGER’s own Akira Amemiya, best known for his iconic directorial work on Inferno Cop and animation work on Gurren Lagann, is teaming up with FLAMETOYS on their latest line of Transformers model kits for a number of redesigns to some of the franchises most iconic characters. From Optimus to Bumblebee, Starscream, and Devastator, the entire collection is looking incredible and Akira’s signature flare shines brightly from the initial sketches until the final design.

Set to begin release worldwide from September, with a new figure seemingly releasing each month, the collection is kicked off with the release of the ever-iconic Optimus Prime, though this time featuring an all-new look. It’s never been a secret that the team at Studio TRIGGER are passionate fans of Western media, and this only adds to the studio’s growing repertoire of international collaborations. Now we can only hope for something as cool as a Studio TRIGGER animated Transformers series.

With a scattered release beginning September worldwide, further information on the upcoming collaboration can be found via FLAMETOYS’ official website.

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