U-Treasure Announces Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Necklaces

U-Treasure Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Necklaces

We have done a pretty decent amount of coverage on the awesome jewelry that Japanese company U-Treasure creates based on various games and anime, but with today’s offering, I think they might have outdone themselves. This morning the company announced that they will partner with Square Enix and Disney‘s collaboration series Kingdom Hearts for some keyblade shaped necklaces.Kindgom Hearts Kairi Keyblade Necklace

U-Treasure will be releasing two different designs of keyblades, complete with different finishes and chains. The first of the two comes in four different metals, a silver version, 18 Karat Yellow Gold version, 18 Karat White Gold version, and an 18 Karat Pink Gold version. The necklace is designed after Kairi’s default form keyblade, ‘Destiny’s Embrace.’ The second design is based on Riku’s default keyblade form, ‘Way to the Dawn’, and comes in two different metal types, a silver variant with a smoky finish and an 18 Karat white gold with a black coating on it.

The necklace based on Kairi’s Destiny’s Embrace keyblade will run for ¥15,400 if you opt for the silver version of the necklace, whereas the gold variants will set you back ¥104,500. Riku’s ‘Way to the Dawn’ keyblade necklace will also run for ¥15,400 for the silver version and ¥104,500 for the white gold version.

Kingdom Hearts Riku Keyblale Necklace

The U-Treasure Kingdom Hearts necklaces are currently available for pre-order through the U-Treasure website with an expected ship date in the middle of July. Pre-orders will be open until 16 March 2021. As with all items like this, if you’re trying to get your hands on them, you’re going to have to use a friend to purchase them for you or enlist the help of a proxy service that can handle the purchase and shipping on your behalf.

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