U-Treasure Announces Kirby Fountain of Dreams Ring

Kirby Ring

Japanese jewelry manufacturer U-Treasure announced today that they’re bringing a stunningly beautiful ring based on Kirby.

U-Treasure is no stranger to working with anime series, manga series, and game series. Each of their releases holds a special charm, devoting its design to the character or series that they are collaborating with, and today’s Kirby ring is no different.

Kirby Fountain of Dreams Ring

U-Treasure is calling their new Kirby ring the ‘Fountain of Dreams’, and just by looking at the design of the ring, you can really feel that vibe coming off from it. The ‘dream’ of the Fountain of Dreams is expressed with blue topaz, and the seat that supports the stone itself is the Fountain of Dreams. The stones are arranged in such a way that the ‘dream’ from the ‘fountain of dreams’ flows out, brightening up the hand. On the side of the ring, at the point where it touches the finger next to it, there is an important star rod that is the source of dreams.

The ring will come in four different finishes: silver, 10k white gold, 10k yellow gold, and 10k pink gold. The silver ring will run for ¥17,600 (Approx. $160 USD) and the gold options will go for ¥49,500 (Approx. $470 USD). Pre-orders for the ring are currently ongoing and will be shipping to customers starting at the beginning of October.

Kirby Ring on Finger

If you’re looking to get this beautiful U-Treasure Kirby ring for yourself or a loved one, you’re going to need to have a friend in Japan who will order on your behalf as U-Treasure does not ship internationally.

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