Japanese Jeweler U-Treasure Releases Line of Mimikyu Necklaces

U-Treasure Mimikyu Necklace

Japanese jewelers collaborating with top IPs is nothing unique to the world of Japanese jewelry, but if there is one jeweler that has collaborated with the Pokémon franchise more than anyone, it seems to be U-Treasure. In the past, they have made a number of Pokémon-themed items available for fans of the series in a number of eye-catching designs. They have made Umbreon necklaces where the Pokémon is sitting on top of a Pokéball, a Pokéball accessory case, a Snorlax ring, and an electric type Pokémon necklace. Now with Halloween just around the corner, the jeweler is releasing a series of Mimikyu themed necklaces.

With the new Mimikyu line, U-Treasure will be taking the design that they have concocted for Mimikyu and offering them in six different metals ranging from silver to platinum as well as including an online-only 10karat yellow gold option, an 18karat yellow gold option, an 18karat pink gold option, and an 18karat white gold option. Each design will feature Mimikyu in its iconic pose with two purple amethyst gems on the bottom side of the necklace indicating Mimikyu’s feet.

Mimikyu U-Treasure Necklace

The necklaces where they are definitely good looking for any Pokémon fan, they don’t come at an easy to afford price point, however, with the silver necklace costing ¥16,500(approx. $160USD) and all of the gold variants costing ¥82,500 (approx. $800USD) with the platinum breaking the wallet at a whopping ¥88,000 (approx. $850USD).

If you’re a fan of jewelry and Pokémon, this might be something that you can put on your Christmas wishlist. The Mimikyu necklaces will ship sometime in October. However, with all international exclusive goods, it seems that this necklace will also require a proxy to purchase or have a friend in Japan place the order on your behalf. With the price being what it is, whats a little bit of extra money to be one of the only people in town with this unique U-Treasure Mimikyu necklace?

U-Treasure, © The Pokémon Company
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