U-TREASURE Announces Beautiful Psyduck Necklace

U-Treasure Pokemon Psyduck

Recently, Japanese jewelry manufacture U-Treasure has been putting out many Pokémon-related items, more so than ever. U-Treasure are known for creating a wide range of jewelry based on popular anime, manga, and gaming properties, so this definitely makes sense. Today’s announcement is an absolutely beautiful Psyduck pendant necklace. As with all U-Treasure offerings, the necklace comes in a variety of options for the prospective buyer.

Psyduck Pokemon Necklace

Manufacturer U-Treasure had the following to say about their upcoming Psyduck necklace:

This is a necklace based on the duck Pokémon Psyduck. Psyduck has a mysterious power and is always suffering from headaches. This necklace is made with the wish that ‘you too can show your power…’

The necklace will be coming in many options, ranging from super affordable to prices that might make your wallet cry. The standard offering of the Psyduck necklace has the chain and pendant in silver and is available for the very affordable price of ¥15,400. If you go one level up from this, you might be dipping into the tax refund that you might be getting, as it will be an 18K yellow or pink gold chain and pendant which will set you back ¥99,000. Then, if you really just hate your wallet and money constantly burns a hole in your pocket (like me), there is a Platinum 950 option for the low low price of ¥110,000.

U-Treasure Psyduck Pokemon necklace

Either way, you’re getting a premium quality necklace displaying everyone’s favorite duck pocket monster. The only downside to this women’s accessory is that if you are a guy who happens to like Psyduck and wanted to sport this on your neck, it might look slightly out of place. Not to say that was ever a bad thing, though.

If you are looking to purchase the U-Treasure Psyduck necklace, you can reach out to a friend or a proxy to do so, as pre-orders are now available until 9 March 2021. They will be shipping between the end of March and July 2021.

U-Treasure, The Pokémon Company
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