U-zhaan & Ryuichi Sakamoto Team Up With Tamaki ROY + Chinza DOPENESS on “Energy Flo”

U-zhaan & Ryuichi Sakamoto Team Up With Tamaki ROY + Chinza DOPENESS on

There’s probably nothing that gets me as excited in 2019 as new Ryuichi Sakamoto. This is a statement that rings especially true when, unsurprisingly, the song is such a refresher. This is exactly the case on U-zhaan and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s latest single “Energy Flo” featuring rappers Tamaki ROY and Chinza DOPENESS. These last couple of years have really seen a boom in talent within Japan’s rap scene, and both Tamaki ROY and Chinza DOPENESS are very familiar with this. Their flow, when coupled with U-zhaan’s finger drum work on top of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s guitar and synth work is absolutely unrivaled. Check it out below:

With “Energy Flo”, you really are getting the full package. Both U-zhaan and Ryuichi Sakamoto absolutely killed it on the actual track, but the coupled music video takes this to new heights. There’s no shortage of sento-based music videos, but “Energy Flo” really does a great job of bringing together the mood. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen U-zhaan, Tamaki ROY, and Chinza DOPENESS all come together on a track, with their previous “BUNKA” also proving something incredible. With that being said, here’s hoping we see this trio come together again in the future — and if they can bring back Ryuichi Sakamoto for more, well that’d most definitely be a welcomed move.

Available now for streaming on all major services, U-zhaan and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s latest “Energy Flo” featuring both Tamaki ROY and Chinza DOPENESS is definitely not to be missed. For those interested in checking out further information, be sure to pay a visit to the track’s official website.

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