Ujico & Moe Shop Collaborate For Blissful ‘Pastel’ Jam

The extremely long-awaited collaboration between both Tokyo-based Ujico*/Snail’s House and France-raised Moe Shop is finally here, and spoiler, it was absolutely worth the wait. Ever since its initial announcement a few short months ago, I think it’s fair to say myself alongside almost the entire electronic music community were left sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for this very moment. Let’s take a step back however, and analyze just how this whole masterpiece came to be, as well as the genius process behind getting it out there for us all to enjoy.

Opening with the lush chords of any signature Moe Shop track, there’s this very immediate air of surrealism to the whole scenario. Picture this if you will, two of the most talented producers to grace the ever-expanding internet music landscape finally join forces to create one powerhouse song together, creating something that you’ve seemingly been wishing for forever. With this knowledge in mind, we then have Ujico’s piece burst into the track, utilizing his signature leads to perfectly layer and compliment Moe Shop’s sounds. The rest of the track flows very similarly, with a steady flow of complimenting, rather than challenging.

Proving to be an absolutely gorgeous adventure from start to finish, we reached out to the ever-talented Moe Shop for a brief word about the process of working with Ujico on this piece:

I’ve wanted to work with Ujico for a while now, but everytime we tried we both ended up being extremely busy. Eventually I came back to Japan for an event I performed at called POOL Osaka, and I pretty much crashed at Ujico’s house for an entire afternoon. I brought some chords, and we started playing around with them from there. I came back a day later and we finished the entire track that night.

One thing that I noticed while working with Ujico is that we both have very little knowledge about music theory, we just tend to go with the flow. He draws melodies, and I chop chords here and there. Together we had a really smooth workflow I think. Ujico makes everything look so easy, I love it.

If you’re interested in checking out either of these incredibly talented artists, you can find Ujico on SoundCloud, as well as Moe Shop on SoundCloud as well. If you’re interested in checking out our previous interview with Ujico, you can find it here.

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