UNDERCOVER’s Jun Takahashi Gears Us Up for an Exciting Fall 2020

UNDERCOVER’s Jun Takahashi Gears Us Up for an Exciting Fall 2020

Undercover fame Jun Takahashi is one of the most ‘paparazzi-crowded’ fashion designers, and it’s all for good and colorful reasons.

The 50-year old Japanese fashion designer has indeed taken modern apparel motifs to new and unpredictable heights. 

Undercover has been his life’s blood since 1990, and for nearly three decades now, I guess the fashion label has been revived to uncompromised levels and all praises vests with Takahashi. 

Jun Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER saw its birth back in 1990 and was crafted with love by the now legendary fashion designer. 

This Japanese menswear label has collaborated with footwear giant Nike on various occasions. And this unity between the two fashion marvels has ultimately paved the way for Undercover’s huge success and craving among fashion enthusiasts all over the world. 

Some of their recent collaborations such as the Converse Chuck 70, Nike’s React Element 87, among others, has urged Undercover to make its moves in the footwear industry as well. 

And speaking of fashion wear, well, Jun Takahashi has breathed life into the world of fashion by utilizing the cultural heritage of Japan in each of his creations. 

Jun Takahashi’s Fall 2020 Fashion Recipe

The ‘The Tokyo Sex Pistols‘ singer has deliberately allowed himself and his infinite collections to be craved for and hunted by many things. But the fashion godfather has never allowed his past to interfere with his present dedication to fashion. 

For all of us (including myself) awaiting the Fall 2020 fashion event, well, Takahashi has got some good news with his Japanese heritage collections. 

Having taken a swan dive into his heartfelt cultural passion for Japan, Jun Takahashi has revived the heritage through Akira Kurosawa’s 1957 film, Throne of Blood

This fashion-themed movie retells the glory of the Macbeth set based back in feudal Japan. The movie was referenced by Takahashi himself with an astounding performance curtailing its central themes through the male perspective.

For his peppy womenswear collection, Takahashi’s ramp attendants seem to have shown a much-sedated look in a Marais showroom. And Lady Macbeth’s character was the Undercover icon’s instant inspiration. 

Jun Takahashi’s first dresses of this collection have summed up the theme marvelously. And to highlight the sequence, we have the strict and portrait-like Renaissance shapes, perfect hips, and underpinnings perfectly printed with razor blades and roses. 

Jun Takahashi Pays a Tribute to Japanese Heritage

Maybe this sounds pretty similar to the Anglo-Saxon style, but the rest of Takahashi’s designs was a heartfelt tribute to Japanese tradition. 

If you love the look of oversized nylon ripstop overcoat fused with kimono sleeves wrapping the traditional motifs of performance wear knits, then Takahashi’s Fall 2020 collection has us shouting out loud for this one

Drainpipe-style trousers sure remind me of the traditional and vintage workman’s pants and Jun Takahashi has made a perfect fusion of good old classiness with his traditional and modern apparel designs.  

Jun Takahashi’s Fall 2020 collection includes everything more than just what the eyes can see! 

A whole range of ropes, sashes, and ties in the shibari style is something meant for fashion maniacs who love Japanese culture-kissed apparel. And as far as the accessories are concerned, Jun Takahashi’s creativity can turn an ordinary ribbon into a steering piece of fashion. 

The Undercover icon’s love for Japanese fashion is remarkably a new milestone in the world of performance wear for both men and women alike. Whether it is his blooming skirts with frill sequences and perky colors or sliced-back coats, Jun Takahashi has sure got the town talking after every fashion event. 

His nubby plaid knits and flower crowns with funeral-like veils are interesting attributes for a renowned designer with such a culture-bound perspective. 

Though it’s not slight on Takahashi’s opinion, his models have been portrayed as either tropes or characters including the maleficent doll, an evil mistress, or the whimsical prepster teen. 

Fashion has its terms and definitions and everything is evident in the design, the theme, and the choice of motifs. And the Undercover fame Japanese fashion icon has given his Fall 2020 collection an in-depth intensity of a living and breathing woman. 

According to Takahashi, his fashion-borne lady is playful. She can be lethal at times. She is a beautiful living statue and in clothes, she is suspiciously graceful. 

And maybe this is why the women couldn’t stop themselves from trying each of the collections. The Undercover don’s Japanese-style apparel is something beyond clothes and you might not want to take your eyes off them!

Jun Takahashi
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