Undercover’s Theme on Nike Gyakusou Running Shorts?

Undercover’s Theme on Nike Gyakusou Running Shorts?

This is completely built on Jun Takahashi’s passion for sports, especially running. The Undercover designer’s collaboration with Nike has brought about another marvelous collection from the most popular Japanese fame label, GYAKUSOU. 

Spring is already on the gears and whether you’re a runner or not, trying a pair of shorts from the Nike Gyakusou’s new featured collection might be an amazing must-cop for 2020’s scorching summer/spring.

The Undercover maestro’s and Nike’s 2020 label collection is entirely focused on eradicating the usual worries that most of the runners face. 

And the ultimate result is pure concentration on running and nothing else! I presume that this is something kinda similar to meditation where there is zero distraction and just 100% FOCUS!


Nike’s Ever-Amazing Spring 2020 Collection

As usual, Jun Takahashi brings in his running crew team GIRA to revive the collection for the sleek and fittingly-styled lookbook featured by the Undercover Production. 

The Jun-Nike collaboration is an ultimate feast to fashion fiestas who love celebrating the look and taste of fashion in all its forms. 

Their Spring 2020 collection mainly comprises a wide range of high neck tracksuits, shorts, T-shirts, headwear, and some interesting and comfy footwear options. And speaking of Nike, I can never afford to miss the fashion giant’s tremendous footwear label collections. 

The Spring 2020 theme is an amalgamation of functionally crafted items that are tailored with a sensational mix of Nike’s fashion flavor and the Undercover samurai’s Japanese touch and decorative motifs. 

And to top it all, the GIRA team’s bold and piercing look in carrying out the GYAKUSOU collection is nothing less than pure elegance. 

The Undercover and Nike-revived GYAKUSOU label also includes fashion pieces that are created to foster the connection to Yoyogi Park, one of the most popular running destinations in Tokyo, Japan. 

When it comes to running gear, I pay a lot of attention to the bottom wear, and nothing seems greater than a pair of chic and stylish tracksuits for a sweat-spilling marathon spree. And this is what the Nike-Jun team has brought about with their featured collection of tracksuits! 

Their tracksuits are tailored with the ‘Nike Therma-FIT technology‘, and this is something that provides enhanced comfort and intensified heat retention as well as advanced ventilation. 

And this is ultimately what young runners need to keep their sweaty skin breathing amidst long-running workouts. Glancing at a few of the pieces, I must say that Jun Takahashi has breathed his heart on his designs. 

And the Undercover designer’s unity with Nike and the birth of Spring 2020’s Gyakusou collection is an ultimate portfolio of heartfelt pieces that include two short options, two T-shirt options, and a breathable and chic tracksuit. 

From time known, Jun Takahashi’s love for Japanese heritage is always evident in his designs, and this Nike-borne collection is not an exception at all! 

The tees seamlessly incorporate the reimagined version of the ’70s-bygone era Nike graphical illustrations in two color fusions of red and green. 

And speaking of the shorts, well, the pairs carry the same elegant look as with the tees. Breathable pair of tracksuits are something quintessential to every runner with a sprinting spree under summer’s scorching sun-kissed weather. 

The Therma-fit fusion of Nike provides the wearer with just enough warmth needed while maintaining a strict airflow no matter how hard or sweating the workout. 


Is the Undercover-Nike Collection Still Available?

The good news is that the Undercover and Nike fashion treat is already in stores as the collection saw its release on March 12 this year. 

But the hard-to-digest and quite a bit of bad news is that the tremendous collection is NOT available in every online store. (Gasp!) 

Since this is a designer label with its limited stock editions, I’d prefer stocking up some from Undercover’s official stores in Japan. But for those of us scattered globally with a quenching look on our faces to somehow own the Undercover-Nike label, well, certain select stores might be of help. 

Nike.com is just the right place to hunt for these collections, but I swear upon my sword that the pieces are so amazing that they sell so fast and that’s pretty worrisome if we don’t make it on time to our carts! 

While most of the pieces would have almost sold out, there might be some still available for eager fashion enthusiasts like us. But I would like to take the honor of reminding you that Jun Takahashi’s collections are one of the most sought-after and quickly sold pieces in Japan. 

And that means heavy shopping competition! So it’s quite evident that we hurry up before the Undercover and Nike-revived pieces are gone forever!

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