Uniqlo Has More One Piece Shirts On The Way

One Piece Uniqlo

If there’s three things you can count on always being there in Japan its crowded trains, Uniqlo, and One Piece. Far from being the first tie up between the two giants, not even counting the Shonen Jump collaborations, everyone’s favorite pirate manga is returning to Uniqlo. From May 10, 9 new One Piece t-shirt designs will be hitting stores in Japan as well as online. No word right now if these new shirts are going to hit Uniqlo internationally, but their anime collaborations usually do. The adult shirts will retail for 1065 yen and kid at an affordable 853 yen.

One Piece Shirts

Good designs and a good price. It’s really hard to beat Uniqlo wherever you live. Of course being one of the most successful clothing stores in the world right now, they have the resources to do all sorts of neat collaborations. Just this year alone they’ve done tie-ins with Splatoon, Mobile Suit Gundam, and a slew of Shonen Jump titles. Uniqlo has been putting out One Piece designs for years. It honestly seems like we have to write about the company every week or too. That’s okay, because I keep buying the shirts.

One Piece T - Shirts

Like Uniqlo, One Piece is one of the biggest titans in Japan. Selling over 450 million individual volumes, it’s by far the best selling manga of all time. Series creator Eiichiro Oda has a net worth of around $200 million dollars alone where as the franchise at large has brought in around 21 billion dollars worth of overall revenue over the years. One Piece and Uniqlo fit together like peanut butter and jelly or raw fish and vinegar rice. While the original manga is supposedly wrapping up sometime next decade, much like Dragon Ball I’m sure One Piece will be with us forever…

One Piece Uniqlo

The new One Piece collection will be available to purchase at Uniqlo starting May 10.

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